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This is me

Interesting to find out that as I’m being welcomed to the blogworld of WordPress, seems that WordPress himself is a Mister… Well , doesn’t matter, feels good to know there’s a person who is hiding behind it all.. ūüôā¬†I’m one too, behind these words and between these lines there is me.¬†

As an¬†introduction I thought I’d let you know why I decided to start this blog and the future ones will be blurts of what I occupy myself with and what I do.

Recently, I went to a day’s¬†course on how to market myself online. What I found out was that¬†several of the course participants¬†work on their own and alone just like me. Our colleagues are our notepads,¬†pen and paper or our computers and the phone and the internet are the link to the outside world and other people. I felt there was a connection with the people I met for the first time on the course, even though we were all involved in different fields of work we faced similar problems at our workplace. Some of us were costume makers, others designers, students, producers, writers, journalists, poets, artists and lecturers. A mix of people, brought together in one room who could use blogging to meet other likeminded professionals online.

Working from home isn’t that great always, because it involves quite a bit of loneliness, so marketing ourselves online by entering the blogworld¬†seemed the last thing on our mind, as we were having issues with trying to limit the time spent online reading blogs, emailing and keeping up with all the latest, hottest gadgets and cool internet sites that should facilitate our work. Time spent more on the internet surely must mean less time for face to face meetings and going out to socialise and network in the real world!?

Apart from the networking opportunity and the possibility to share our separate concerns with each other and spend more than half a day away from the desk at home, or the floor where I have recently started to sit on as my desk is full of to do lists, to read articles, to read books and to call people, I was inspired to get on to the blogworld and start writing about what I do and why I do it that day.

While I’m writing here¬†I might find the answer why… but I think the most important thing is to see if there’s an audience out there, to get feedback and while I write my thoughts, ideas and comments I will unconsciously provide answers to the questions that linger around in mind while I also work. The need to vent is great for human beings and more so if they work alone. There is a need for acknowledgement too, just knowing someone¬†is reading this, even if they don’t agree with what I say.

I’m a radio and print journalist working from home most of the time¬†writing and editing features and articles. Very often I get stuck, in a sentence, or in an edit and I don’t know what to do. I can stare on the page, redo the edit, shout at the computer as no one can hear me and still not know how to move on. So the internet might be a solution, in the way that I can take a break from work, and instead¬†write on my blog and get some space from what it is I’m working on and link up with other onliners who might also be stuck on some problem looking into connecting with other people.

So the colleagues I lack on a day to day basis, might be on here, the words I don’t get to utter to anyone about what I do, I’ll have to write on here to see whether it makes any difference…