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The Dutch have gone crazy…. erm Swedish I mean

As I was talking earlier today with another fellow journalist in Holland, we got sidetracked in our conversation. After having discussed work, courses for improving our work and general how do you do phrases it was time to turn to food and a marketing ploy used to sell Swedish food…

Ikea sells them, we’re told all the Swedes eat them all the time, breakfast, lunch, dinner. Now the Dutch, trying to be inventive, have started spelling the meatballs with the Swedish letter å. The word as seen in the picture doesn’t exist as a word in either the Swedish or the Dutch language, but the Dutch decided to give their word for meatballs a Swedish look. 

Köttbullar is the Swedish word for meatballs, regardless of the words on the box, this is a big seller in Holland too now!

Thank you Franka for this Swedish related story from your part of the world.



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