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I know I said I love music but don’t worry I have not started a band, at least not yet, am only referring to the audio editing programme on Mac computers called Garage Band, which I think can turn any garbage to music. I recently went to one of their workshops in hope of finding out how you use this software to edit sound on, but was amazed to see how easy it is to make up music…. Makes me wonder which of the musicians and artists out there uses this and if they are able to play any music at all on proper instruments?

Before anyone starts throwing rotten tomatoes at me or any other biodegradable food, yes of course there are musicians out there who can play, but the computers make it soooooo much easier, that even I, who cannot sing or play much anymore, have the ability and possibility to make music!

Another thing I heard from a musician and producer recently, was that some bands actually hire “proper” musicians to play when they record their albums, because the actual band members are not good enough musicians. They can get away with their playing on their live performances, but apparently on the album it has to be tight and perfect musically. So the image is more important than actually being able to play the guitar well or sing well. 

Hmm, again can’t help but wonder: who is behind the music? A person or a computer, or a person behind the computer in charge of the computer? I’m sure a lot of people go to concerts and see the computers and laptops as an integrated part of the band, they provide loops and some of the arrangements and maybe some of the instruments that cannot be played for practical reasons, not enough band members or not enough money to pay for more band members. In effect, these computers contribute to the full sound that reaches our ears!

Again makes it possible for people with not so much money to make music. But what about the ones who have the money and can afford to hire in all the musicians and still they use the computers?

And what about Milli Vanilli and Boney M, would they had made it big had we known from start they were selling an image and music, but not actually singing themselves?

Ok I better go back to what I should be doing, which is editing, but before I get there I should start with the transcpription of my one hour long conversation interview with one of the Greek modern philosphers around Sokratis..