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I’ve got a new computer and trying to figure out how it works takes up my whole days lately. The basics are there but all the little other things… how to edit sound, what programme to use, leave the realm of the fantastic Cool Edit and enter new digital audio territory…. HEL P!

After having spent most of my day with the new little toy, it was time to go outside and break the addiction habit of spending a lot of time online but also spending too much time on the new computer offline.

We went for a drink and a catch up, a friend and me, and ended up in the basement of a pub in Charlotte Street where one of the most unpretentious comedy clubs resides, once a week. As we entered half way through the show, we had to walk over the stage area to get to our seats, and of course my friend, yes you know who you are 🙂 chooses front row, in a tiny room with only ten other guys. 

I’m thinking no!!! Is she serious? Sitting so close to the stage will only mean the comedians will include us in their set!

And they did!

But I don’t know if we were the main attraction because we were women in a group of let’s say not so tactful men or if it was the fact that me and my friend were both not British, in other words foreigners! In fact we were referred to as foreigners on at least a couple of occasions, or the French people and the Greek people! How exotic, isn’t it!?

And since we got in, almost every act was talking about us and to us in their make-up-the-comedy as they were going along. The intimacy of the room was further enhanced when all the other people in the audience were asked to get closer together and to the front, and around us, as if this would be the solution for the lack of atmosphere. 

I laughed, we laughed but it was not thanks to the great acts! Sorry guys, but if I go to a comedy club I expect to be entertained without participating with my own commentary and opinions! There was a lot of banter, shouting, humiliation and rudeness on the menu so I started talking back… Since a lot of focus were on me and my friend, where we’re from, why we’re there, here and what we’re doing I thought I had the right to talk back! But I never asked what on earth they were joking about before we got there?

I think the night is called pear shaped, and I now know the reasoning behind the name. Despite having made all this criticism, I think it was a night of success! To understand comedy in another language is a small sign that you understand the language and its nuances, so as a foreigner I might be on the right path and so is my dear French friend, who unfortunately moved back to France.