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Rise Festival London

It’s summer and I’m lazy, I wish I could say I’m enjoying the sunny weather, well at least for today that’s true. I’ve got a new story up on my other blog about London’s Rise Festival in Finsbury Park. 

You can access it via

and read more about CSS, Jimmy Cliff, Bassekou Kouyate, The Massukos and Emmanuel Jal.



  Anna (Sthlm) wrote @

When’s the Notting Hill carneval? Are you going to go? Does it have concerts as well?

  Elisavet wrote @

I think it’s in August, bank holiday weekend, but I think it’s not so music oriented as a music festival, it’s more a carnival, dress up and take the party to the streets kind of thing. Never been actually…. shame shame. You been?

  Anna (Sthlm) wrote @

No, I’ve never been even though I lived in NH for a while! Want to go some day but it won’t be this year.

  Anna (Sthlm) wrote @

Du borde uppdatera!

  Elisavet wrote @

jag ska bara bara….. jag lovar 🙂

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